Message from the President

Welcome to The League Club!

The League Club, Inc. of Naples is a 501(c)(3) organization of women with prior membership in the Associations of Junior League International.   Our membership consists of 600 women from all different backgrounds from 40 different states, the UK, and Canada.

Our mission statement of “strengthening communities through fellowship, education, volunteerism and philanthropy” has not waned from the time when our members served the communities in their hometowns and cities of residence.  The heart and soul of our organization is grant giving.  This is our 35th anniversary year and since 1986 we have given over $5.4 million to non-profit organizations that support, protect and encourage at-risk children, the elderly and women.  Please click on our “Grants” section to see a list of the programs and organizations we have funded.

The Community Involvement Committee (CIC) is the vehicle that serves as the vetting process for the applicants that apply for funding.  The committee performs a thorough and intense review for all organizations that apply.  Please click on “News” to read some of the grant recipient stories.

Our one and only fundraiser, Naples Tables, is how we generate funds for our grants.  The generosity of our members, our Circle of Friends, sponsors, designers and attendees is the backbone of how we accomplish our goal of caring for the underserved in our community.  We are so very grateful to our contributors for their unwavering support.  This past year, as we all had to make a transition to a different way of life, we were fortunate to be able to pivot, adjust and retain the ability to raise funds from our generous supporters.

It is our goal to keep responding to the needs of Southwest Florida.  If you wish to help support our Commitment to Community, please explore the following opportunities:

  • Join Us: Inquire about membership
  • Sponsors: Be a business sponsor
  • Naples Tables: Be a designer
  • Donate: Join Circle of Friends
  • Donate: Be an individual donor to the Endowment Fund or Community Trust Fund

Thank you for taking the time to learn about The League Club.

Melissa McClayton,

TLC President 2021-2022