DIAD is sponsoring food drives the Third Thursday of every month this season to benefit a food bank in our community. Our next one is Thursday, February 25th from 10am to noon. There is an urgent need to continually replenish food bank supplies as all of them are experiencing greater than usual demand.  This food drive will benefit the Harry Chapin Food Bank.  Future food drives will benefit other CIC affiliated organizations.  We have three drop-off locations: 

Mary Giannini:  7762 Cottesmore Dr (Lely Resort)  914-471-7600

Maria Arends:  3275 Regatta Rd (Moorings)  309-397-1465

Denise Hadley: 9072 Falling Leaf Dr    585-720-5478  (Shadowwood Bonita Springs). 

Please note:  Mary and Denise are in gated communities. Call them to make arrangements.  

Mark your calendar for the Third Thursday Food Drive.  Only non-perishables accepted. Thank you for your support!