Naples Tables 2021

Serving our community in its time of need

March 8, 2021
Virtual EVENT “From our Tables to Yours”


Welcome to Naples Tables 2021.  We hope you enjoy this year’s Naples Tables through the video “From Our Tables to Yours”. Enjoy the new and exciting tables, gorgeous floral designs, the banter of our designers with their thoughtful suggestions, and be inspired!  Thank you for all your support this year, and thank you for helping us continue Our Commitment to Community.

Naples Tables Team

Denise Hadley
VP Fundraising 

Ann Horton
VP-Elect Fundraising

Maria Lane Arends

Melissa McClayton

Karen Lutz

Sharon Sparrow

Connie Mockenhaupt
Community Involvement Committee           

Maryanne Dignan

Circle of Friends
Donna Loomis &
Elizabeth Winebrenner

Video & Book Production
Anne Thomas, Christina Inslee, Melanie DiLeo

Invitations & Office Administration
Susan Hickey

Video Contributors

  • Jaron Fine Jewelry
  • Garden District
  • Jett Thompson HOME
  • Judith Liegeois Design
  • Kaleigh Grover, Naples Illustrated Publications
  • Patina Collection & Design
  • Wilfredo Emmanuel Designs