New Members

We offer a warm welcome to our newest members.  We are excited to have you join TLC!  Visit our website often for the latest updates for meetings and events. The best way to meet other League Club members, whether new or existing members, is to get involved.  We hope to see you all soon.   


New Members Class 2021-2022:



Name: JL Affiliation:  Mentor:
Leslie Dowaschinski Denver, CO Denise Hadley
Donna Fisher Cleveland, OH Pam Becker
Kathy Griffin Boca Raton, FL; Wilmington, NC Beverly Metcalf
Jennifer (Jenny) Hay Chicago, IL Mary Ann Lillie
Marian Jacobson Chicago, IL Susan Harris
Anne Kaplan North Shore, IL; New York (The City of), NY; Westchester on the Sound, NY Margaret Friis
Michele Kelly Greater Princeton, NJ Nicki Huber
Carol Kistler Toledo, OH Suzi Kountz
Vivianne Lake Louisville, KY; Washington, DC; New York (The City of), NY Gwen Kade
Elizabeth (Betsy) Orner Pittsburgh, PA Liz Winebrenner
Susan Leanues Canton, OH Dottie Meyer
Sharon Quaintance Atlanta, GA Sara Werder
Jamie Robinson Greater Lakeland, FL Diane Frisicaro
Nancy Sellers Birmingham, MI Myra Morrison, Martha Selhorst
Juliana (Julie) Wilson New York, (The City of) Julie Farah


New Members Class 2020-2021

Name: JL Affiliation: Mentor:
Leilani Brenner Orange & Short Hills, NJ Kelly Hutchinson
Jennifer Clements Atlanta, GA Myra Stromquist
Susan DeCoursey Kansas City, MO Bo Maher
Michele Eisele Minneapolis, MN Gina Finch
Linda Fifield Chicago, IL Mary Beth Jones,
Mary Kay Burke
Denise Hale Dayton, OH Lindsey Clark
Mary Harvey Minneapolis, MN Donna Simon
Gale Kroeger New York, NY Julianne Smith
Susan Layton Chicago, IL Judith Urban
Nancy Lee Indianapolis, IN; Richmond, VA Connie Mockenhaupt
Mary Ann Lillie Chicago, IL Lynne Nordhoff
Cynthia Perthuis Dallas, TX; New York, NY Cherlyn Cieri
Elizabeth “Jane” Ramsland Minneapolis, MN Judith Urban
Leslie Risley Toledo, OH Julianne Smith
Kathleen (Kathy) Weaver Stamford-Norwalk, CT Linda Cleveland













Marie Buckley

VP Membership